'A reflection of that time we lived through a pandemic': Local mom keeps daily family lockdown diary

Source'A reflection of that time we lived through a pandemic': Local mom keeps daily family lockdown diary  第1张'A reflection of that time we lived through a pandemic': Local mom keeps daily family lockdown diary  第2张

What started as "a nice reflection to show the kids of the little time they lived through a pandemic" has now turned into "a bit of a cathartic ritual," says local mom, Bronwyn Murray. 

Since lockdown began, she's been keeping a diary of "the special, meaningful moments in each day" her family spends under lockdown.

"Lockdown and Covid both put us as a family (as all families) through many many layers of chaos," Bronwyn tells Parent24, adding that their days have consisted of both ups and downs. 

"I share the rays of sunshine in our stormy days, and I share transparently how we cope, how we've cried, how we've laughed at the crazy things the kids do."

Bronwyn is mom to two young children, Jensen and Isla, who she raises alongside her husband, Collin. 

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Bronwyn also runs two businesses; a small school and a business developing content and tools in education.

Since lockdown began, her family has made it through one job loss, and a "re-systematizing and retraining an entire school and school community." 

Still, the mom of two says she's been unafraid to share these struggles because she knows life has been hard for most South African families. 

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#lockdown day 47. No shortage of cuddles. In other news, tonight in order to get Isla to eat I need to show her that I'm eating the food first, and Jensen would only eat vegetables if I was willing to hold his hand... I'm picking my battles ???? fuller tummies = better sleep, I can do this all day! What also helps with deeper sleep, family dance parties before bed time ?? #stayhome #familycuddles #eatgreenthings ???? #justJensenthings #iamIsla

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"I don't think our situation is special or unique, in fact, I am continuing to make these daily posts because I think everyone is in this same boat as we are," Bronwyn says of what keeps her motivated to carry on posting. 

Since starting the diary, Bronwyn says she now sees life from a new perspective and finds she's become more conscious, observant and engaged with her family and more appreciative of life in general. 

"We have learnt to just put one foot in front of the other and not look too far ahead. This keeps us sane, keeps us coping, but also: it has helped us take in details we never took note of before, find pleasure in things that have always just been part of the peripheral, immersed in moments that once were just white noise."

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#salockdown day 2. All day play time, including 3yr old version of hide and seek. It's exactly like normal hide and seek except you only count to 6 (sometimes 3), you hide exactly where your dad literally just hid, you tell the counter where you're going to hide so they can find you, and you yell "You found me!" even if you're the seeker. Also Isla figured out how to climb the stairs ????. #stayhome ???? #justJensenthings #iamIsla

A post shared by Bronwyn Murray (@stawbe) on Mar 28, 2020 at 12:21pm PDT

The mom entrepreneur says that if anything, she hopes her daily diary inspires other families to continue to persevere through what has been "a wild year."

Are you keeping a daily diary during lockdown? 


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